Subject: Application for the position of an indoor service sun protector on a full-time basis

Dear Sir or Madam,

Having seen the extraordinarily beautiful window shapes of your building I feel that I should introduce myself to you. Since I have various skills and experience in reliable sun protection and privacy shields I would like to apply at your company.

During many years of working in the field of fashion and technology I have gained a lot of experience regarding design and technological skills, which I consider being essential for a job in sun protection. Intensive studies in the fields of architecture, mechanics, hygiene, web technology, bionics and nanotechnology have extended my knowledge about transmission, absorption and reflection, which I would gladly make available to you. A special education in fire protection and dealing with humidity will guarantee you reliable performance in sun and sight protection even while facing extreme stress.

Furthermore, I would proudly like to focus your attention on my various decorative skills and flexible adaptability. I can be easily fixed immediately into each kind of window shape and I enjoy showing my team working capabilities together with other pleats (Plissees) of any kind of shape and color. I would be pleased to show you my most beautiful colors in soft transparency, but my certain kind of impermeability and my darker sides are of some advantage as well. You can be sure that I possess enough strength to defend the sun as well as absolute discretion outward and that only on demand I will change my place entrusted to me by you. Even in times of vacation or during your absence you can rely on my absolute loyalty, straightforwardness and the constant quality of my work.

If you should have any doubts now whether my extremely high qualifications and working experience are payable, I can already ensure you that I will be absolutely satisfied with a single payment at the beginning of my job. An occasional shift into a higher or lower position keeps my motivation and shape high and if I should become a little bit dusty after some months, a light wiping with a feather duster or a moist cloth is perfectly enough.

I hope my letter is of some interest to you and I already look very forward to meeting you personally which will hopefully lead to my employment and a long-lasting mutual benefit.

With expectant regards
Your Pleats
Mr. Pleat (see Pleats on the Internet)

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